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Сыграли бы вы в Role-Play в GTA 5? (PC) + trainer
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Grand Theft Auto 4 (GTA IV): Трейнер Native Trainer {5.8} [ EFLC]
18.05.2010, 15:22
Includes Teleportation, Vehicle Spawning and the world's simplest speedometer.

Trainer works for,,,,, and EFLC this mod will work in Single Play, Free and Party mode on Live and Lan.

What do you get:

Various options normal to any trainer, the world's simplest speedometer, either in KM/H or MP/H or both, 60 Teleporting options, that can be customized using the trainer.ini, 12 vehicle spawning options, which also can be customized using trainer.ini, and a dirt simple option to change to a desired radio station using one button . (the default station can also be customized using trainer.ini). Further you can change the player model using either CTRL+F7 or CTRL+F8 to toggle between a total of 20 different models. (models are also configurable using trainer.ini) It also features time and weather options, and a bunch of car options, including the very handy teleport to saved car option. Finally it features an open map option, which will open all island with a press of a button, a save everywhere option, and a save coordinates option to be used for teleporting customization. Also any predefined teleport slot can be customized in game, overwriting the predefined values. Object Spawning is now also included (very basic), mainly ramps for car and bike fun. 30 object spawning options, that are customizable using trainer.ini.

Finally, some default startup values can be set, Always God Mode, Always Car God Mode, Never Reload/Unlimited Ammo, Never Wanted, Never Tired, Display of Speedometer in K/M, display of speedometer in MPH, in-game clock, enabling the DLC bikes and to specify whether the player is warped into the car when you spawn vehicles using the menu. To enable any of these options by default when starting the game, just set the relevant values to 1 in the defaults section of trainer.ini

The trainer features an in-game menu with all available options, it can spawn all car models and all player models, als it includes bodyguard spawning. For most options key combinations are available. Otherwise use the menu system.

Version 5.8 released
Changes from version 5.7: -Reshuffled some of the options on the first options menu page to the second. -added additional episodic weapons slots, Episodic 25 - Episodic 36, including additional sound slots. -added new objects for both tlad and tbogt on the more objects pages, 714 for TLAD, 1443 for TBOGT. -added the following cutscene interiors to interiors teleporting: francis office in IV and TLAD, Elizabeta's Kitchen in EFLC and Stubb's spa room in EFLC. -fixed wrong bodyguard weapons list in tlad and tbogt ini files. -added ablility to have bodyguards follow you by car, (all three games) enable follow as driver in game, or set FollowDriver=1 in trainer.ini. Bodyguards (not other peds) will follow you in a car if the car you are currently in has no more available seats. You can adjust the speed with which they follow you, it is using the same speed as for the driver in bodyguard menu. -teleport bodyguards to player has been changed to have a bit more space behind the player. -Nitro for TBOGT. Can be enabled in game, or by setting CarNitro=1 in trainer.ini. Once in the car you can enable the nitro (providing you have enough speed) by holding the capslock button. You can use it as long as you want, even though there is a upper speed limit. Boats and Helicopers are not enabled for nitro. For the rest all cars will work, but of course only a few have been specifically updated for visual effects. Cars that have been updated: Banshee, Bullet GT, Cognoscenti, Comet, Coquette, Df8, Dukes, F620, Feltzer, Huntley, Infernus, Police Stinger, Sabre GT, Sultan RS, Super Diamond, Super Drop Diamond, SuperGT and Turismo. The following bikes have also been updated: Akuma, Bati Custom, Double T, Hakuchou NRG900, PCJ, Sanchez and Vader. (depending on components). All the others cars and bikes will use the visual effects at a general location. Please note that the trainer's nitro system will not work during races (since then the game functionality is used). -Smoke for Parachute, you can now get the smoke in SP (and MP) by pressing F7 whilst in air with a parachute, for now there is only one color, as the native that is used to set the color isn't in the scripthook. You can set the pedbone used for the smoke in the options menu first page, or set parabone in trainertbogt.ini, bone is saved when you use save all settings.


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